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As per Wikipedia, Rediff.com is a news information, online and shopping portal site and it is founded in 1996 by Ajith Bala Krishnan. It is one of the most popular websites in India and listed in top 20 sites according to Alexa.

Rediff.com also launched its news app for updating the users of Rediff and send all the latest news directly into Their Rediff news app.

Rediff has millions of users from India and later due to the utmost popularity it has extended its services to the united states

www.Rediff.com | Rediff mail login | Rediff sign in | Create a Rediff mail account 

 Rediffmail inbox and Rediffmail login page

Don’t have a Rediffmail ID? create a new account

Features of Rediff mail 

1) It has over 95 million users.

2) It offers unlimited storage capacity.

3) Rediff.com allows shopping online and it has products ranging from mobile phone to high-end electronics.

4) Rediff news app is the most used news app for Rediff.com users

It also has options like Rediff mail pro and Rediff business email.

How to create Rediff account?

Rediffmail free unlimited storage is the best option for the users who want to use Rediff account

First of all, you need to open www.Rediff.com. There, you will see options like rediffmail, Comapny email, videos, books, shopping and Realtime news. That news will also be sent for Android app so that, mobile phone users can also check the news.

For creating the rediffmail account, click on rediffmail on the top left Then, you will see the screen below

rediff mail login signup create account

In the above page, you should fill in the details like Firstname, email, address etc..,

  1. For the first step, Give your full name

2) Then you should choose a rediffmail by checking the availability

3) After completing the second step, You should type password and you should retype for conforming the password.

4) If you dont have an alternative emailid Then, you will get the option for giving answer to a securty question and you can verify through it.

5) Put your phone number along with the country code

6) Enter your date of birth and gender in the next two fileds

7) Then you should select the country, city and enter the captcha. and click on create account. Then you will be redirected to the page where, You need to enter Education, Occupation, Which offers to recieve and what you own. and then click on Go to inbox

Then, you will get the interface similar to your gmail account. There You can write mail, recieve mail etc..,

The new version of the rediff mail has the following features

Inbox updates automatically

Lesser spam as there are spam filters

You can attach multiple files and send them

and a completely new approach to the social networking

Using RediffMypage for completing your profile

After clicking on Rediff My page, You will have access to enter the profile information, You can add the friends in your locality or place.

You can also find friends using their gmail, yahoo mail etc..,

Finally, you should upload the profile picture and click on finish.

In this way, You will create Rediff.com account, sign in, create Rediff mail account

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rediffmail login new account and i know your search ends here. This article will guide you exactly through every step and you can easily find Rediff.com account.